Subject: Weekly Update from the Chabot Board
Date Sent: 2020-07-21 09:33:44.0
To: undisclosed list of recipients

 Phase 3 begins at Chabot Canyon Racquet Club 

Dear Membership,

                  Thanks for your continued patience during our reopening phases at Chabot.  The Board is pleased to announce we will enter into phase three this coming Friday July 24th.  These changes will include the expansion of Doubles Bubbles, increased court availability, and access to an indoor unisex restroom.  Please read the sections below for more details.

Doubles Bubbles – Due to the success of our membership adhering to the Doubles Bubble format, the club is now aligning the group size to the current Alameda County guidelines, as mentioned in our July 6 email “Update from the Chabot Board 7/6/20”. Please go to the county website and review: here. Remember that you need to consider household members and other people in any social bubble you may otherwise have, so members joining a Double Bubble will need to carefully assess the numerical restrictions of each unique Doubles Bubble (currently 12 at the time of this writing). Sign the new Doubles Bubble Waiver if you plan to participate.  The club will not be responsible to organizing, checking, or maintaining Doubles Bubbles.

Open Schedule – This Friday July 24th we will be setting all reservations, whether singles or doubles, to 90 minutes.  We are asking for a 5 minute wait time after your reservation time. Since the 30 minute physical distance buffer time will be removed from the scheduling software, you must be careful not to play beyond your scheduled time and arrive only 5 minutes after your court reservation.  This will limit the interaction between members as the courts turn over. Continue to be respectful and patient with other members.

Indoor unisex restroom – After much discussion and research, the back/side door of the clubhouse will allow access to the back restroom for member use only. The lockers and changing areas remain off limits in order to limit the amount of time spent indoors. We have contracted with a professional cleaning service to maintain the rest rooms frequently.  We will install screening between the bathroom entry and the rest of the club house. Be sure to follow the member guidelines which will be posted at entry to support a low risk environment for member use.  Keep an eye out for details and protocols for restroom use later this week. 

While we are pleased to enter phase 3 of the reopening process please remain vigilant and continue practice the behaviors that have kept us safe.  Wear a mask, exercise physical distancing, and wash your hands frequently.  It is important we all remain committed to avoiding exposure and risks.

Lastly, be sure to pick up your carabiner clip/bottle opener at the front desk when you’re at the club.  We have one for each member as a thank you for your support of the club during these challenging times.  Enjoy!

The Chabot Board of Directors
Steve Ghidinelli, president

Richard Goslee, vice president
John Black, secretary
Janet Daly, treasurer
Michelle Philp0t member at large

Chabot Canyon Racquet Club
7040 Chabot Road
Oakland, California 94618
Phone: 510-652-6060
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